Monday, March 21, 2011

Home Inspection Marketing, Get Linkedin!

Network Marketing is a great FREE way for anyone to grow their business!    For today, I'd like to discuss Linkedin.   Linkedin is used by many business professionals to promote and advertise their businesses.  It is also used to post job postings and actively search for potential employees and business associates.   So, how can this help home inspectors?

There are over 35 million people using Linkedin, not all in your service area granted, but nevertheless, that's an awful lot of people you can promote your business name to without paying a penny!    There are already many home inspectors on Linkedin, so if your competitors are using it, don't you think you should be, too?   There are tons of Realtors using Linkedin, and are they not one of the target audiences you try to reach with your home inspection marketing efforts?

There really is not a single downside that I can think of as to why a home inspector, or home inspection company, would not want to be part of this free networking community!

Setting up your profile is easy.   The setup is a step by step, very straight forward process.  By ensuring you use key phases like "home inspection", "building inspecting", "property inspector" and "home inspector" in your profile, and past places of work, you will improve how you rank in the searches.

You'll have an opportunity to draft a summary of what it is that makes your company or services special. Here's where you'll want to focus on the value you offer.   Talk about what you do differently from your competitors.

You will benefit by being able to put a direct link back to your website in your profile as well as a link to other network marketing sites you may use (facebook, twitter).  There will even be a place to tell other users how they can get in touch with you i.e. phone or email.

Then, to add even more marketing value to your new Linkedin account, you can do a search to see if some of your former clients are on Linkedin and, if they are, ask them to provide a Linkedin recommendation about your services.    This is like collecting testimonials for others that view your profile to see.

You can build your own list of connections, like Realtors or Mortgage Brokers or even potential future home buyers themselves that are currently on Linkedin.

When you first go to set up the account, you'll even have an option to have Linkedin reference your current email database to search and see if anyone you have in your email contact list is on Linkedin and then automatically suggest the connection to you.

So, if you haven't already "Linkedin", I suggest you get going.    You just never know where your next lead will come from!

To connect with us on Linkedin, just follow the provided link near the top right of this blog.   Once viewing our Linkedin profile you'll see a "join today" icon at the top right of the page. 

Here's a direct link:

Happy Inspecting!

Sharon Purtill, Canspec Home Publishing


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  4. I think people should definitely leverage the power of Facebook and YouTube as well. Social media marketing is a MUCH these days. Many Utah Home Inspection companies here are still thinking that the phonebook and setting up a brochure stand are good marketing techniques. Great advice!

  5. Nice to read your article! I am looking forward to sharing your adventures and experiences.