Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Realtors have used this idea for years....

Let's talk about putting a twist on a marketing idea that Realtors have used for years.   I'm sure at one time or another you've recieved a "Just Sold" or "Just Listed" postcard at your door.  Well, here's a way to put a twist on this old idea and make it very effective for your home inspection business!

First, you'll want to pick postcards that say "Just Inspected", include your logo and other important information about your company and the specialized services or extra value you offer.  The cards should be generic.   What I mean by this is there will be no actual street address of the home "Just Inspected".  Instead, the cards will say something like "We've just inspected a home in your neighbourhood".

Keep your "Just Inspected" postcards in your vehicle at all times.   Now, every time you are leaving an inspection and pass a home for sale on your way out of the immediate area - stop, pull into the driveway of the home for sale and go up to the door and leave your "Just Inspected" postcard there for the vendor to find.  

The great thing about "Just Inspected" postcards is it is absolutely targeted marketing.  I think you'll agree most people that have their house for sale will be in need of another home.   This means your postcard is targeting those that are most likely going to be in the market for your services.   Realtors don't get this kind of target results with their postcards.  This is because they usually blanket an area in the hopes that a percentage of the homes receiving their cards may be thinking of buying or selling.    When you only drop your cards to homes already listed for sale, you should expect to see far greater results for your very targeted marketing efforts!   No postage required, only a few minutes of your time to stop and deliver as you drive through neigbourhoods where you do, or perhaps would like to do, business.

Now, here's a link to one marketing/printing company that is already doing these cards for inspectors.  This will give you an idea of the design ideas for your cards.    You can disregard the cost because this is based on mailing your cards for you.   While this is an option, mailing your "Just Inspected" postcards wont get you the targeted results you will get if you hand deliver them only to homes already listed for sale.  

Here's the link

Something else to consider is a door hanger with your "Just Inspected" message instead of a postcard.  This option allows for a perforated business card at the bottom which the home owner can easily remove.   This product is also available from the company at the link above.

I hope you find this idea interesting and I wish you much success in your home inspection business!

Sharon Purtill,
Canspec Home Publishing


  1. This is a great twist on a Realtor marketing idea that I'm sure inspectors have seen in their travels

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  4. WOW, I love this! My brother-in-law does this as a real estate agent and I know he has sold many more homes because of it. I think that Utah Home Inspection companies need to realize that the more "fishing rods they have in the water" the better. Having 10+ forms of marketing is a surefire way to get more business. Thanks again for the great post!

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