Monday, July 4, 2011

Use Consistent Marketing To Book More Home Inspections!

Successfully marketing a home inspection business has a lot to do with consistency.  I'd like to share with you a story that happened to one of my clients in order to demonstrate how consistency can impact your inspection business.

I was coaching a home inspector on reaching out to his target audience with quality information as a way to grow his business.   The target audience was the 2000 realtors within his specific service area.   We carefully planned out his first mailing, giving careful consideration to the topic, ensuring it would be of great value to realtors.  Next, we discussed the best timing of when this initial letter should go out.   We looked closely at every detail of this mailing, like the specific details I discuss on my "Marketing For Success" CD set.  Then this very specific, very targeted mailing was sent.   Now, when coaching this home inspector, I thought it was clear that in order for this effort to reap the benefits of more traffic to his business, it was only the first of several mailings that would need to be sent.  Apparently, as I found out six month's later, either this was not clear to the inspector or he chose to not heed the advice.

Six month's after the inital mailing went out to the 2000 targeted realtors, I was having a conversation with this inspector and asked how business was going.  He advised me that he had not had a single call or inspection booked that he could attribute back to his targeted mailing.  This was very surprising and disappointing to him as he had so carefully written and planned the mailing.   I asked him how he followed up to that initial mailing and he said he hadn't.   This was the problem, there was no consistency!

When we market, we must do so with consistency!   We can plan the best marketing piece and send it out to thousands of people, but if we never do any follow up or never send out another piece again after that inital contact, we will not see results.  This is because people don't react to the first piece of marketing they see.  Heck, they don't even react to the second or, often, not even the third!  If you are only going to take out one ad, send out one targeted piece of mail and never contact those people again, you are wasting both your time and your money!   If you have a specific budget in mind, you may find it makes more sense for you to send five pieces, over time, to 400 individuals rather than one piece to 2000 individuals.

Consistency is key to getting your phone to ring more often. Consistency is the key to booking more inspections.  In the story of my client that sent out one fabulous piece and never followed up or never sent out anything again for six months, well, the realtors he was targeting likely figured he went out of business.  If you reach out to someone and they never hear from you again, how can they be expected to know you're still out there?

I'll use a more common example to demonstrate how marketing with consistency so greatly affects you and I.   Let's say it's evening and you're watching t.v.  During your show, a snack commerical comes on the air.  No big deal, you may not have even noticed the brand of snack.   A few minutes later, another snack commerical comes on, you may not react but you may begin to listen to, or start to be aware of, the brand being advertised.  A few minutes later, another snack commerical comes on.  Well, by now, you are likely aware of the brand and even starting to think about the commerical itself or the product being advertised.  The next time the commerical for a snack comes on, you're really aware of it, you might even start to think you're hungry.  By the time you see a snack commerical again, you're up, you're off the couch, you're headed to the kitchen - for what, well, a damn snack, of course.  The power of consistent marketing has finally got you to take action!

So, if you have been marketing your home inspection services and felt that your efforts were failing you, consider the level of consistency that you have been marketing with.  If your marketing lacks consistency, your chances of success are greatly diminished.

Do you want your target audience to take action?  Do you want your phone to ring more?  Is your goal to book more home inspections?  Then, you need to market your home inspection business with consistency!   Consistently send out your mailings or newsletters.  Consistently follow up with those you contact and consistently build relationships.  Make sure those you market to know that you're still there, you're still in business and that you are ready to serve them.  Make sure they don't just see your name once and forget it.  Make sure they don't think you or your business have disappeared into the night.  Get in front of your target audience.  Stay in front of your target audience and the power of consistency can bring you the results you are looking for.

I hope you found this information helpful.  For more on how to market your home inspection business for success, please visit

Happy Inspecting!

Sharon Purtill


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  3. I think keeping a schedule, kind of like an editorial calendar that a blogger would have, is HUGE. If you know that you are going to visit Realtors on Mon, Wed, and Fri and you do it every week, you are more likely to be consistent. My grandpa keeps a detailed routine when he markets and his phone is ALWAYS ringing. He has one of the busiest Utah Home Inspection companies because of that.

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