Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Saving Our Home Inspector Clients More Money!

I am happy to announce that we have been able to negotiate a lower price on two of our products with our suppliers! We are passing these savings onto you, our valued clients, effective immediately. HomeReport® Coil Books are now only $19 per unit (sold in cases of 10) vs. our previous $21 price point. Our HomeReport® Content only packages are now available for $18 (sold in cases of 20) vs. our previous $19 price point.

We have not had the same good fortune negotiatin...g a lower price on our HomeReport® vinyl binders. However, we have managed to absorb a recent price increase in both material and labour on the three ring binders without having to passing it on to our clients. Thank you for your continuing to entrust your businesses to us, we hope the Home Inspection Business continues to reward you greatly!

Kindest Regards, Sharon Purtill   www.canspechomepublishing.com


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  3. That is awesome that you went through that negotiation so that you could give your clients better prices for your services. That is exactly what home inspectors every where should be doing. That way more and more people will be able to get these services and get the help that they need. Hopefully you can keep this up and keep giving people great prices.

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