Tuesday, June 9, 2015

HomeReport® Binders vs Coil Inspection Books

Differences between the HomeReport® 3 Ring Binder Books & Coil Books

As far as the inside content is concern there is no difference between the binders and the coil books. Everything from the front Welcome to HomeReport® page right through to the six filing envelopes in the back is the same. The only difference is the exterior shell of the book. The coil books don’t open the way the 3 ring binder books do and the coil books are more compact in size.

The actual front and back covers are softer on the coil books but still firm enough to offer a strong professional presentation. The coil books also offer a horizontal pocket inside the front cover and slots for your business cards like found in the original binder books.

The reason there is such a price difference between the original binder books and the coil books is that the process to manufacture the 3 ring binders and the cost of the raw materials for the 3 ring binders is greater. In addition there are more labour costs involved in building the 3 ring binders than the coil books. We have taken this difference and passed it along to you our client in savings.

The newer coil books allow you to offer your customers the same great content as our original binders in a more compact presentation. Little comprise has been made in the overall professional look and feel of the reporting system.

While we feel the coil books are a great way to offer onsite reporting, and help our clients reduce their costs our original 3 ring binders still remain available to our clients. The higher priced original 3 ring binder books are necessary for clients who wish to switch out the ASHI SOPs for other standards of their choice or who wish to use their own contracts. With the coil books there are no rings to open and therefore switching out any part of the content is an easy task. We have very few clients who switch out these items and more have requested a way to make HomeReport® a little more compact.

As far as shipping is concerned the more compact coil books ship in case of 10 rather than 8 like the 3 ring binders and each case of 10 coil books ships for the same of slightly less than a case of 8 binder books. This means on a unit basis you will also notice a savings on the cost to ship the coil books to your address.

Whichever report you decide to use, the binder or coil, we are confident your customers will appreciate the thoroughness and overall professionalism you provide by using HomeReport® in your inspection business.

As always, I wish you great success in your business and welcome you to contact me should you have any comments, questions or concerns that I might be able to help you with.

Kind regards,
Sharon Purtill, Canspec Home Publishing www.canspechomepublishing.com Please visit our website for more information.


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